Alle barn fortjener gode sanitære forhold

Together will install water tanks and sanitary equipment at 80 of our kindergartens.

You know that?

  • We are some of the 17 million people in South Africa who live in what the UN calls extreme poverty, that is, for less than £2 a day.
  • We have to stay home because our kindergartens are closed. There is no water there, and water for good hygiene is needed to protect us from corona infection.
  • We are in the daytime often alone without a parent because mom has to work.

The poorest area in South Africa

The Impande Foundation works in Bizana in the Eastern Cape which is the poorest area in South Africa. It is the poorest area in South Africa. Impande has registered 80 kindergartens that do not have access to water. These will be closed until they receive water and 2,400 preschoolers are at risk of stagnating in their development

Kindergartens equipped in the campaign 31%

We have raised funds for 25 kindergartens and together we will raise enough for 80 by the end of the autumn!

It costs only £ 600 to install this at each kindergarten.

When the equipment is in place, water is collected from the roof, or from the municipality’s water distribution vehicles.

You can make a difference in many children’s lives!

Give your gift to Impande Foundation Norway via Vipps 28 865 or bank account 1201 51 98 085. Mark the gift with “water”! Thank you so much for caring!