IMPANDE has been chosen by Norwegian businesses, organisations, foundations, and institutions to be their channel for an annual charitable contribution. The decision comes from evaluations which reveal that IMPANDE operates a cost efficient, locally mobilised, and committed work for vulnerable and impoverished children and youth in southern KwaZulu-Natal.

This partnership is based on:

  • A fixed annual contribution to IMPANDE.
  • A Christmas gift for an IMPANDE project instead of, or in parallel with, employee gifts.
  • Internal presentations and discussions about the projects and South Africa’s development.
  • Concrete possibilities to display your organisation’s charitable engagement.


IMPANDE also regularly receives individual gifts from donors and organisations. These gifts are given in confidence that IMPANDE’s operations are characterized by efficient and smart aid. IMPANDE employs such gifts to realise its strategy for 2016 – 2020. That is, to focus on sustainable development initiatives for vulnerable children and youth in the Ugu district.

Bank account: DNBANOKKXXX 1201 51 98 085

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