IMPANDE has carried out extensive work on the development and rehabilitation of schools in Gamalakhe and its region since 2008.

This has been achieved through school to school contact between Norway and South Africa.

IMPANDE har siden 2008 drevet omfattende arbeid med utbygging og rehabilitering av skoler i Gamalakhe og omegn.

Three schools in Norway are contributors and partners in this effort are:

  • Oslo Handelsgymnasium
  • Blindern high school (Former Fagerborg High School)
  • Gystad Marka school in Ullensaker Municipality

Altogether nine schools in Gamalakhe and region have received assistance from these three Norwegian schools. The following list shows what has been achieved.

1. Mthushi High School Result: New IT lab for 24 students. Funded by: Fagerborg/Blindern secondary schools.


2. Mcushwa High School Result: New IT lab for 24 students and a new school wing with two new classrooms. Funded by: Fagerborg/Blindern secondary schools


3. Imbizane Primary School Result: New kitchen and new library


4. Ikwezilokuza Primary School Result: Total renovation and expansion of the school. Four new classrooms, new office building, and upgrading of six classrooms.


5. Mlonde Secondary School Result: New laboratory and new IT lab. 35 stipends were given to students of this school.


6. Mphelelwa Primary School Result: New school wing for Grade R Funded by: Fagerborg/Blindern secondary schools


7. Jerico Primary School Result: New library and upgrading of 16 classrooms. Funded by: Fagerborg/Blindern secondary schools

8. Mhlanbe Mhlangeni secondary school Result: New school wing yielding four classrooms for grades 10 – 12. Funded by: OH and Fagerborg/Blindern secondary school

9. KwaMa Soscwha High School Result: Total renovation of the whole school


IMPANDE wishes to involve several more Norwegian schools as partners in this work to give youth in South KwaZulu-Natal a better school experience!


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