Sailing around the world project

My name is Jan Eirik Breen. In the summer of 1981 I started building my sailboat, Leviata, at Riis Farm in Nordby of the Ås municipality, Norway. My dream certainly wasn’t to sail far, but to build a boat for my family.

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Newsletter IV – 2016

IMPANDE nyheter


Projects in the aftermath of 22 July, 2011

Meaningful projects are being established in the aftermath of grief and bereavement connected to the loss of family members


Hannes Shelter



The Løvlie family have built Hanne’s Shelter – a centre for women exposed to violence in the Ugu District in Natal in South Africa. The centre has been built in memory of their daughter Hanne, who was killed outside the government building in Oslo. It is a realization of Hanne’s engagement for this group of women and this area. The centre was opened in April this year and you can see a picture below.

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