For ten years Impande has had the UGU district in Southern KwaZulu Natal as their area of commitment. This area borders the Bizana district in the federal state of Eastern Cape. We have known for a long time that this neighbourhood is the poorest area in the whole of South Africa. It is far from the federal state’s capital, Bhasho. The landscape in Bizana is barren, but rich in minerals. Among other things, the largest source of platinum in the whole of South Africa is here. Several international mining companies have tried to establish mining there without succeeding. The local resistance has been forcible and in somewhat violent. They have a long tradition of protests in the area. This was the scene of the bloody pondo revolt against the apartheid regime that took place in the 1950s.

The local people are proud pondos who experience that the central government and international firms offer them contracts that do not benefit the local people – and they will not have it!

As already mentioned, the people belong to the ethnic group pondo and speak the Xosa language. To a large degree, they use horses for transport and for agriculture. To a large degree, they use horses for transport and for agriculture.

Leaders of 150 creches

A crèche can be compared to an outdoor depository for preschool children. Our aim is to transform such «depositories» into stimulating kindergartens. Impande has registered around 150 places where women try their best to take care of preschool children. These women have registered themselves as members of Impande South Africa (earlier known as Network Action Group, NAG). They come together once a month – several with a traveling distance of up to two hours. They themselves take charge at these monthly gatherings. This is the very idea that Impande is founded on: To stimulate and support people at grassroots level that wish to develop and take responsibility.

At these gatherings they discuss their challenges and get help from Impande for registration and tuition in how they can get access to their public rights. They also get some professional inspiration and tuition.

In 2019 Impande revealed 47 greatly undernourished children in this area. Five of them died. Many creche leaders report that their children get food with poor nutrient density in their homes. Therefore, this year every crèche leader gets 25 kg of fortified porridge with them home from each gathering. They take the box with the porridge on their head, walk, or take a minibus home. A company called Zero2Five Trust now deliver two tonnes of porridge to each monthly gathering. The women carry without effort 25 kilos on their heads, often several kilometers, home to their small, but important place of work. For the time being the gatherings are held in an old unfit church.

150 creches = little kindergartens

South Africa’s new president, Ramaphosa, has started a work project for young people. The unemployment rate is high, and there are many young talents that wish to work in a kindergarten. For the time being, it is common that one leader is alone with 20-25 children. Impande South-Africa has been given 25 such workplaces. These young people get tuition and contribute in the largest crèches. Our ambition is to strengthen the professional staffing at all these places.

These are the conditions we wish for the children

In many places the children grow up under poor conditions. 23% of South Africa’s population live in extreme poverty. See the website of World Poverty Clock. Extreme poverty means that they have less than £ 1.60 a day to live on. Impande wish that the children shall meet stimulating conditions to grow up in, and an everyday that is not all about hand-to-mouth living. We wish to give the children places and people that develop their potential.

The building of a standard kindergarten is the first step in a total, and systematic development of these ECD sites. EDC is short for Early Childhood Development.

This is what a standard kindergarten for 35 children looks like. The cost of building is around £ 8700.

The first Impande kindergarten in Eastern Cape is built!

The first Impande kindergarten is already built. It was finished last autumn and is called Monti Pre-School. 30 children daily attend this good and inspiring site for development. Thank you to those of you who helped make this come into place!

The Need for a Development and Tuition Centre

There is a great need for an Impande Development centre in this area – a place where the staff at the 150 crèches can get tuition, guidance, administrative support, equipment and inspiration.

Impande’s professional architect and idealist, Fredrik Christensen from Kongsberg, has developed the concept and drawings for the centre. The first £ 11 600 have already been collected. We hope to get a plot to build on free of charge in central Bizana from the local government. The authorities in this area are very positive towards private-public enterprise. The whole project will probably cost around £ 46 000. Construction starts as soon as we have the financing in place. Impande has a tradition of always having the financing in order before a project gets started.

A challenge for you?

In the history of Impande there are many good examples of individuals and organisations that have seen the financing of such centres as a special challenge. Altogether nine such centres have been built during the past 11 years.

Bizana ECD Training Center is a concrete challenge to you! You or your organisation may now adopt and directly follow the development of this centre.

For more information get in touch with us at

Representtives from Impande will be happy to visit and inform and inspire towards making an effort. Remember that in Impande’s context, 97% of all funds go directly to the realization of the projects!

Send your mail to and tell us what you want to give and whether you have a special wish for what your gifts should be earmarked for!

This can be for example:

I. A share in the building of a kindergarten. You yourself deceide the size of your share.
II. Regular monthly donation.
III. Start a collection among your friends or organisation you belng to for a specific project. Contact us to receive a presentation of various projects that are awaiting realisation.

Impande’s account number is: 1201 51 98085. Vipps: 28865

In Norway you may get a tax reduction for donations to Impande of between NOK 500 and 50 000. If you wish the tax reduction you must let Impande get your National Identification Number, name and address.