117,000 children in KwaZulu Natal do not have access to any form of training

Did you hear right?

Yes, unfortunately. Among the large proportion of poor people in South Africa, children and young people with handicaps or special needs are still isolated and partly exposed to stigmatizing attitudes. The statistics are not beautiful: half a million children with different handicaps are still shut out of South Africa’s Education System.

A light and a pioneering work

The small organization Siyakwazi does an excellent work for this target group in one of the tribal areas where Impande works Impande has an agreement of cooperation with this organization and has contributed towards Siyakwazi having got its own centre where the work is operated from. Siyakwazi was started by an enthusiast, Cathy Mather-Pike in 2012. Today, Siyakwazi runs many types of inclusion work for this target group of children with special needs among a population of about 10,000:

  • Home support
  • Training in kindergartens and schools in how to facilitate and develop children with special needs
  • Contribute so that the homes get some help – which they in fact are entitled to
  • Access to local physiotherapy
  • Early mapping of problems and needs

Plans ahead

During 2019, the work is expanded to reach 50,000 inhabitants in the Xolo tribe. This is the area where Hanne’s Shelter is located and where Impande has invested in many kindergartens, schools and other community-building projects.

Impande has developed a partnership with a fund in South Africa called ELMA. This fund gives the project a similar amount of money to what impande puts into the work. The agreement will apply from 1.1.2020.

Your support for this work makes a difference

Impande has several friends who support and earmarks funds for this important work. The agreement with ELMA means that a penny turns into two pennies, and we only spend 1 percent on administration. But we need more regular donors. Mail your desire to become a regular donor to: mail@impande.com

The URL about this work is:

www.siyakwazi.org The organization also has a very good FACEBOOK page.