The kindergarten Toddlers of Hope was started by Connie in 2014. The nursery was operating for a long time under very simple conditions and badly needed an expansion and upgrade.

Good cooperation

After much planning and design work, Toddlers of Hope’s new facilities were opened in February this year. This is the result of good cooperation with Norlandia and NAG (Network Action Group), and Toddlers of Hope is one of the first kindergartens that Norlandia has supported.

Now the children can move into a beautiful and safe building on an outdoor area with new and challenging play equipment so that they are also stimulated outside the classroom.

In the picture below, you see Connie under the tree where she first started kindergarten. In the picture on the right is the beautiful new building.

New building and playground

In addition to the building and arrangement of the outdoor area, the kindergarten was also equipped with a play structure for children to also be able to play outdoors. This was the first pilot which used NAG’s standard for playground design.

Here children can play with water and sand and explore structure and quantity. The web-board stimulates collaboration and coordination, and the activity board helps kids learn how to close/open by pushing, dragging, sliding and loosening things. This is good for developing fine motor skills. The cube acts as a crypt where children can hide and spend time with friends.

A special thanks to Norlandia who made this possible.