Nonsindiso Geza was in September 2019 visiting Oslo to meet her education sponsors Harald Møller and Zoya Taylor. She also wanted to thank Impande’s leader, Rolf Olsen, for Impande’s efforts for children and young people in her area of South Africa.

United World College is in Førde. In the fall, 18-year-old Nonsindisa began there. She has previously been a student at Mashesha High School in Margate, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, at a school where Impande is now going to develop a laboratory. At school in Førde, Nonsindisa is one of 200 students, from 80 nations. All students are hand-picked on the basis of skill.

At home in South Africa, Nonsindiso has three siblings who are living, and two are dead. It was difficult for her mother to allow her to travel so far away to completely unknown conditions. After a lengthy selection process where Nonsindiso became the “winner”, the mother refused to sign her approval of the scholarship. After reassuring calls from college, it was arranged just before the deadline.

Nonsindisa expresses several times in her conversation her gratitude to her sponsors in Norway.

“They have saved me from becoming a number in the statistics of unemployed in South Africa.” That’s where I was counting on my end, but I’ve worked conscientiously in high school and got good results,” she expresses. Impande is proud of Nonsindisa and grateful to the parties who have contributed to realizing her education. She thinks she will study medicine or agriculture, for the benefit of her homeland.

Marianne O. Alpers