Nestled in Porsgrunn, Norway, you can find group of women who can sew – who love to sew – and who can make fantastic and intricate patchwork quilts and products. The driver behind this work is Ragnhild Augestad.

She got in touch with Impande and asked if there was someone who could use their products in the kindergartens Impande is building and running…


It’s cold in the highlands of Natal in winter

The temperature can dip below the freezing point in winter in many of the nurseries Impande supports in Southern Natal. These corrugated steel sheds are impossible to hold warm. Many of the youngest children need a little nap at midday when they lie on the concrete floor – well wrapped in clothes of different quality. Impande had a program in 2015 that helped with mattresses for the youngest about 20 of these kindergartens.

Blankets from the sewing club in Porsgrunn ensure that children stay warm, even on the coolest days. Moreover, these blankets are beautiful and stimulating. Some children get the opportunity to bring a blanket home once they’ve outgrown the kindergarten; it is both a good memory and gets well used. These Porsgrunn blankets are distributed by a local cooperative organization which continually maps the needs for both food and clothing of the 350 kindergartens found in UGU district.

Toilet bags for Hanne’s Shelter

Hanne’s Shelter is a centre for abused women. This centre will be completed in March 2016 and will open its doors from April 1st. It will house seven families at a time with up to 25 residents altogether.

When women and children are exposed to violence, they may likely arrive at Hanne’s Shelter without suitcases, clothes, or other necessities. Now hold women in Porsgrunn are sewing together toilet bags for anyone who comes to Hanne’s Shelter. Ragnihild Augestad will help procure supplies to fill these bags during her visit to the centre in March.