On February 1, 2016, ground was broken to start building the Dweshula Drop-In Centre. This marks the first of six drop-in centres which are registered inside Impande’s geographical focus area.

Why are we building Drop-In Centres?

Many children in the Ugu District of South Africa grow up with very little support. Their family structures are weak or non-existent. A high percentage of children do not know who their father is, and their mothers are often teenagers who live with an aunt.


Drop-in centres such as Dweshula represent important development areas in children’s lives. The Dweshula Drop-In Centre serves as a place where children and youth can meet and live both before and after school. They get food, homework help, and friends, as well as caring-, emotional- and academic support and love. It is the local enthusiasts who are the engines driving this work. These are the kinds of people Impande finds and tries to facilitate.

Today there are four employees and 18 volunteers who take care of the 350 children at Dweshula. The need is greater than this and the centre wants facilities to enable them to support these children in all weather and temperature conditions.

Financing plan and progress:

Building the centre will cost $190,000. It is financed by two donations from businesses, Impande’s funds and by Impande’s annual volunteer concert.

The building is expected to be completed around May 1, 2016.